dvm (74)Asquith Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to protecting and supporting native wildlife and treat hundreds of sick and injured critters each year. Contrary to popular belief, we receive no funding for this care.

Hornsby Shire is home to 338 native vertebrate animal species. These include echidnas, possums, wombats, wallabies, kookaburras, lorikeets and blue tongue lizards. Whilst 67% of the shire is bushlands our native neighbours battle pollution, motor vehicles and animal attacks. After sick or injured wildlife hsa been restored to health we refer to them to WIRES or Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services (SMWF) for ongoing care. Alternatively we rehabilitate them into the wild.

Desexing of Pets

Asquith Veterinary Hospital supports the local community by offering very affordable desexing services for dogs and cats. We believe that every pet owner should have access to this essential health care service.

Sydney is home to thousands of unwanted and neglected animals, who ultimately end up fighting for life on the streets (often in poor health), being euthanased or spending weeks to years in shelter facilities, which are then so full they cannot admit other in-need animals. Desexing is the most effective way to prevent the birth of further animals that our community cannot currently support.

It also carries a huge number of health benefits for your pet, including reducing or removing the incidence of ovarian and mammary tumours in females, preventing complications of birthing in females (which can be life-threatening), and reducing or removing the incidence of testicular and prostate cancer, prostatic enlargement and perineal hernias (where the bladder herniates out near the anus) in males. It may also reduce unwanted behaviours, for example wandering in male dogs, dog fighting in males and females, and aggression, whilst maintaining their individual personality.

As passionate advocates of animal welfare, providing affordable desexing is one of the most important ways we can care for pets.

Partner in Veterinary Education

Asquith Veterinary Hospital has been selected by the Faculty of Veterinary Science at Sydney University to participate in the University Veterinary Student Internship program. This program is designed to give 5th and final year Bachelor of Veterinary Science students practical experience over a 28 day period, and enables us to give back to the profession that we love. Internships are an important component of the education process and help to develop a high quality of graduate.

Dr. Brad Garlick also partakes in the Mentoring program for new graduates. This involves working with final year students and new graduate to provide support and advice.

Involvement in Local Community

Over the past twenty years, Asquith Veterinary Hospital has been involved with community events and the sponsorship of many local organizations and schools.